Raise Fund for People Living in Poverty

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iCanRelief Donation for Poverty

Through years of experience, we found that millions of people were paying high prices for water from vendors or collecting water from unsafe natural sources. Therefore, We offer the best solutions to break down financial barriers between people in need and get access to clean water. Our solutions are adapted to 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


  • 20 million lives changed.
  • 6 million loans for clean and safe water.
  • Our solutions are adapted to 25 countries.

funds for poverty

Raise Fund for People Living in Poverty

Campaigns to raise money to alleviate poverty have the ability to significantly improve people’s lives. Individuals can initiate anti-poverty fundraising campaigns by drawing attention to the circumstances under which poor people live using any crowdfunding site. The campaigns will receive support from the world’s population if this is done.

In addition, proceeds from charitable events can be put toward the development of reasonably priced housing, which helps to ensure that individuals and families have a place that is both secure and dependable to call their own.

These kinds of fundraisers can also be used to provide funding for projects that encourage micro-financing, which gives people the ability to begin working for their own livelihood and eventually become financially independent.

Why iCanRelief?

iCanRelief is widely regarded as the most effective crowdfunding site for kickstarting new charitable giving campaigns. When it comes to launching a fundraising campaign, iCanRelife is one of the solutions that offers the best value for the money.

By adhering to a small number of straightforward procedures, iCanRelief allows anyone to initiate a charitable organization for the alleviation of poverty. Everyone who uses the platform can take advantage of fundraising in the most effective manner by taking advantage of the free registration that is provided.

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