Pay Your Zakat & Ushr Today To Serve Humanity

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Pay Zakat Ushr

Zakat is a required type of charity that has the potential to alleviate the suffering of millions of people. It is considered to be one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat, which literally means “to cleanse,” is an obligation that Muslims feel obliged to fulfill because they believe that doing so purifies, bolsters, and blesses the remainder of their riches.

How do we use your Zakat & Ushr?

There are countless ways we can use your Zakat and Ushr to serve humanity. A few ways that we can proudly mention here are:

  • Start-up business for a family
  • Distribute food among the needy people
  • Install water hand pumps in areas where required
  • Using Zakat and Ushr to help the affected people during a natural disaster
  • Can pay the school or college fee of bright students who are not able to continue their studies because of no financing

and so on…

Zakat for the poor


During a span of the last “XY” Years, iCanRelief helped thousands of people and hundreds of needy families just because the people like you who are blessed with a lot of resources have paid their Zakat and Ushr to our foundation.

Pay your Zakat and Ushr today and save lives.

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